Inaugurated the new headquarters and the exhibition “Luoghi e sguardi”1

On Saturday, 9 April, the new headquarters of the Epper Foundation, in the historic patrician palace in the heart of Ascona’s Borgo, was presented to the authorities and the public. The exhibition “Luoghi e sguardi”1 by Ignaz Epper was also inaugurated and will be open until 30 October. The event was led by the President of the Foundation, Maurizio Checchi, and the Mayor of Ascona Luca Pissoglio was also present. Those present had the opportunity to visit the new spaces accompanied by the museum’s curator and conservator, Diana Mirolo. The new exhibition was presented by the art critic Dalmazio Ambrosioni, who spoke about the intrinsic value of the artist’s work, which is outlined in a path that accompanies the visitor to discover its essential features through a glance at the works present.

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