The Foundation

Ignaz e Mischa Epper.

Established in November 1978, the non-profit Foundation “preserves, curates and makes publicly available the artworks of Ignaz Epper and Mischa Epper at its headquarters. It also gives artists, art historians, art history students, and psychologists, regardless of their nationality or religion, the chance to take up residence at its headquarters to study the works of Ignaz Epper and/or Mischa Epper, or for other similar artistic activities. The exhibition spaces at its headquarters can be made available to the public for exhibitions, concerts or conferences, under the supervision of the curator”.

The Foundation was located in the former residence of the Eppers from 1978 until autumn 2020, when it became necessary to relocate to a space more suited to the conservation of its cultural and artistic heritage and to the provision of public access. The new headquarters are located in a space belonging to the Rolf Gérard Foundation, an entity with which Fondazione Epper has strong ties, rendering its public offering even more comprehensive and easily accessible.

The Foundation Council is the guardian of this important cultural legacy and wishes to promote it within the context of the Ascona cultural network. Its location in the heart of Ascona in a historic patrician house on Via Borgo certainly fosters its integration.

The Foundation’s new location will make its historical archives available to the public (although not currently due to logistical reasons), allowing people to study and learn more about the Eppers’ vast portfolio.

The Foundation is also committed to publishing and promoting activities online and through social media. This website seeks to promote awareness of the brilliant artists.

Maurizio Checchi
President of the Foundation
Deputy Mayor of Borgo di Ascona

Members of the Foundation:

Checchi Maurizio – President
Blok David – Vice-president
Lappe Francesca
Orsi Augusto
Diana Mirolo – Curator

10am - 5pm

Free entry

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on Monday


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